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Пример мотивационного письма для поступления в университет

Вопросы и ответы 6 мая 2010, 12:27

Мотивационное письмо (motivation letter) образец. Как написать хорошее мотивационное письмо? Прилагаем образец мотивационного письма на английском языке для поступления в университет за границей.

Образец мотивационного письма на английском языке для поступления в университет за границей.

I am Alex Smith citizen of сountry XXXXXXX . I have cleared my degree from the famous University of XXXXXXX in XXXXXXXXXX. However I always have been interest on business field as my family here in XXXXXXXX runs small business, so since my childhood. I am influenced by it and till today.

As all know that being the richest in natural beauty XXXXXX’s economy is poorest and now its economy is all dependent on remittance and donation. I wonder why is it so aren’t we prefect for the international business? This question always pinch on my heart or else we are missing something in the field of business so we are getting difficulties in coping up the international business field to fill up this gap the people should understand the international marketing and the world’s economy keeping these in mind.

I am now much more interested in this field and I know I have to get success in it, in the way of achieving my goal. I have to study hard, know international people of this field, how they think and what are the main strategies they use for their success. I better know that the business style of western countries are timely, focused towards customers desire and wants and is completely different then those of here in eastern countries, they so more practically then the theory that’s the main reason of their success.

I also have known that the practically implemented theories are much more beatifically than the hypothetical theories, and also students on business over there are given chance of internship on reputed companies which is the main gate of their success. Due to the Natural beauty of XXXXXXX, Many people around the world are visiting and here we do not know their culture and the way they think, it makes us very difficult in dealing with them among these tourist .

I found most of them are from Holland so I choose my study country for this. If I get a chance to continue my study in this country then I am sore that it would help my future plan of doing business with these people as I would be able to know their striates build up business. Further more the course offered by this university are much more realistic then others and also the course fee affordable to me that’s the main reason why I choose this course and university as well as country.

I hope after finishing my study there in the Netherlands I would perfect in the western way of doing business and what labour is required for it. Anybody who wants to b e successful in his/her life should study hard implement the theories in field must be practical know much more technique be able to cope with time etc to get all abode mentioned points I have to have much more study and knowledge in this field, so

I decided to study this course to quench my thirst of doing international business with western country and teach more XXXXXX  the way of doing business with them so our remittance and aid dependent economy can lift up and be independent which finally brings economic boom to the country for this we the new generation must contribute our effort and time.

It is also said that healthy the see is planted the healthy and more crops you get if you plant rice and hope for wheat that is foolishness which is now what is happening in our business world so that’s why I am fully motivated to this study.

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